Daily Astrology

November 30 Astrology Reading


Today is not the day to resist any attempted authority or dominance by others. Fight the urge to fight against any change or control. Try remembering the words of Mr. Rogers: The people you know who are sometimes bad, are the very same people who can make you feel glad. You don’t need to struggle for power, you are already powerful enough. Your strong personality creates this competitive stubbornness, don’t let it. Give vent to your feelings by singing your heart out, either in a choir or on your own in the bath. Embrace your sensitive side.

People born on November 30th have the optimism and energy that enables them to fulfill their goals and dreams. A bit of a paradox, you can be very gregarious and also at times a loner. A bit rough around the edges, you tend to mellow considerably as you approach middle age, and those who are cantankerous may become quite lovable. You have a quick and shrewd mind.

Daily thought for November 30th: Focus on what you have. What you have not will seem insignificant.