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You are a tower of strength for others, and are always willing to support friends, family members, and relatives who may turn to you in time of need. Learning not to be needed, to not always be in demand, is important to your need for rest and good mental health. Sometimes you have to put yourself first. Cultivate a greater capacity to have fun and be lighthearted. Have faith in the power of the Universe.

People born on November 4th are affectionate, outgoing and sociable. Teamwork and partnerships suit you just fine, and you generally prefer sharing power and responsibility. You crave harmony on an inner level and may be willing to make sacrifices in order to achieve it. Learning to be happy is probably the greatest single challenge to those born on this day.

Daily thought for November 4th: Contrary to popular thought, negative words do not release tension. They keep the body in a state of tension, constricting muscles and blood vessels, which often causes irrational behavior.  Try to say something nice and hold the negative words back.