Daily Astrology

October 10 Astrology Reading

People see you as a self-confident, ambitious and daring individual. But you are finding it more difficult to trust as you gain experience. Mistakes are made because you do not listen to the advice you are given. You will benefit from a common-sense female who says it like it is. She will help you overcome burdens incurred by a family member. You will attract what you need and are at your best when you do not wheel and deal.

People born on October 10th are quick learners and always have an eye for opportunities that can offer a financial reward. As you mature, you realize you function better in casual relationships rather than in heavily emotional, romantic ones. You do your best when working with others, rather than working alone. You want peace and harmony in your personal life and will compromise to make that happen.

Daily thought for October 10th:  We can actually wound people by withholding our praise. Let someone know you think well of him or her today. What a difference your words can make.