Daily Astrology

October 11 Astrology Reading

Opportunities are ripe for your ideas, enthusiasms and forceful leadership. Money may not be available right now, but when it is, you’re a giver. A female friend and an argumentative male will try to influence your unconventional ambitions. Don’t be manipulated. Since success in dealing with people comes easily to you, it may only be necessary to exercise discrimination as to whom you wish to be close to. Stay joyful and never despair.

People born on October 11th have a quick mind and a remarkable memory. Socially, you’re outgoing, charming and personable. Despite a strong independent streak, you’re very devoted to friends and family and prefer the safety and security of a settled home life. Your greatest assets are your strong instincts and the ability to learn quickly. People count on you to be ultra-dependable.

Daily thought for October 11th: Who knows which person might be impacted by your act of kindness today? What seems little to you may be great in the eyes of a person in need of love.