Daily Astrology

October 12 Astrology Reading

It’s going to be necessary for you to overcome a tendency to be skeptical. You can do this by developing trust and sincerity. Trusting your intuition helps you to become more assertive and self-disciplined. When you are experiencing joyful, happy feelings, you dissolve many of your less harmonious emotions. You do not need to dwell on your negative emotions to dissolve them. Look to a private and peaceful environment where you can spend time thinking and reflecting.

People born on October 12th are charming, witty and attractive when not frustrated or angry. Your strong work ethic and desire to accomplish much in life are balanced by a need for love and affection. You enjoy variety and the company of ambitious and highly motivated people. It is difficult for you to make personal friends, but you do have a large scope of acquaintances.

Daily thought for October 12th: Sometimes the only motivation a person needs to change their attitude and get moving is to know that someone else believes they can.