Daily Astrology

October 18 Astrology Reading

Your mind is on the go as you observe more than the average person. This nervous energy that you possess must have an outlet or you will have difficulty sleeping. You are an original and have qualities that set you apart from most. Your considerable charm and personal magnetism make an unforgettable impression on others. With your strong determination, you will get whatever you attempt. Allow yourself to be more trusting and relaxed. Be as accepting of others as possible.

People born on October 18th are fascinated by the unexplained mysteries of life. The adventurous core to your being ensures that you will always be able to keep others entertained and that brings happiness into other people’s lives. Witty and clever, you have a friendly and cheerful personality. You have a strong sense of purpose and will go far in life.

Daily thought for October 18th: Our children learn their perspective of money and wealth from us. If we behave as if we have enough, and give generously to others, our children will live the same way, and live much happier for it!