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You are a kind and caring person with a fine intellect. But today, wounded pride is your weakness as you tend to wilt if people say anything that you perceive as criticism. Fortunately, you have a strong resilience and will bounce back quickly. Strong of spirit, you will be able to work through the nitty-gritty of any project. Your strength is your clever mind. It would be wise to avoid jealousy in your dealings with others, as it can spoil your caring and loving personality.

People born on October 22nd are ambitious and daring, with a love for the unknown. You feel that when you earn money, it should be by bringing some good to the people of the world. You’ve always had big plans for success. As you are ambitious, you are happiest when juggling a variety of responsibilities. Singing opens your heart.

Daily thought for October 22nd: A prominent surgeon once said, “Encourage your child to be merry and to laugh aloud. A good, hearty laugh expands the chest and makes the blood flow merrily along. A hearty laugh is delightful harmony, as it is the best of music.”