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Today is not a day for taking on others’ emotional burdens as it may cause you to lose confidence in yourself. Others believe you to be conventional and serious, but once you relax, they will see your great sense of humor. You are a hard worker, but today is the day to make time to laugh and play. Be cautious when making decisions, especially those that involve money. People respect your success as it is built on a solid foundation of hard work.

People born on October 23rd are caring and kind, and are very protective and considerate of others feelings, both at home and at work. You are the optimist. You believe that tomorrow is always another exciting day. You are passionate about music and love dogs. Your canine friend is optimistic, too, and never sulks or broods. Dogs always like to play and so does the person born on October 23rd.

Daily thought for October 23rd: The greatest use of wealth is to give it away. Self-centeredness can never bring happiness. When we meet the needs of others, we find soul-satisfaction that all the wealth in the world could never obtain.