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Today, you may feel pulled down by some negative emotions and may fall victim to sadness. You feel restless, so go for a walk and release some of your nervous tension. Use your gift of wacky humor to lift you and others up. Others believe you to be a controversial and fascinating person. Smile, and start expressing that caring and kind-hearted side of your nature. You are one of the lucky ones who has a great deal of common sense.

People born on October 24th have the ability to be a friend to all types of people, from all walks of life. People warm to your eccentric ways and the sense of camaraderie that you create. You enchant others with your inner grace, playfulness, and a desire for love and affection. You love freedom and independence.

Daily thought for October 24th: For many people, poverty is not a condition of the pocketbook, but a state of mind. Do you think of yourself as being rich or poor today? What do you value and count as “wealth” in your life? If you are able to list things that are not material in nature, you are very wealthy, indeed!