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Astrology Reading for October 25th Today is a day to trust your own intuition. You possess an inner strength that can emerge and help you triumph over adversity. It’s a day to overcome challenges and you must do this without being overly sensitive. You will inspire others with your positive outlook and determination. People know you are truthful and very responsible in all your dealings with others.

People born on October 25th have strong instincts, and adventurous natures with strong desires for freedom. Life has a lot to offer you. You are ambitious and determined when you set your mind on a plan or an ideal. You like the wide circle of friends you have and you usually manage to turn situations to your advantage. You are an intelligent and creative individual who needs diversity and joy.

Daily thought for October 25th: Even in extremely difficult circumstances, when we take our eyes off our own problems and look to help others with theirs, our despair and self-pity are replaced with heavenly joy and peace.