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Today is not the day to be skeptical. You need to learn faith and decide whom you can trust. In your pursuit of happiness, avoid being lazy or overindulgent. You possess a strong willpower and an ambitious nature. By cultivating self-confidence, you are more able to take care of your own needs. In your relationships, now is an especially good time for you to get away from routine by taking a short break or a quick pleasure trip.

People born on October 27th have the ability to be both soft and loving. Your compassionate and understanding nature inspires humanitarianism and can encourage others to fulfill their hopes and dreams. In relationships, you crave appreciation and to be recognized for your talent. Money is important to you, and you are willing to work hard for it. You need sunshine and relaxation to be happy.

Daily thought for October 27th: A decision to do right always lives fresh and sweet in the memory and encourages us to do right again and again.