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Today, trust your deeper intuitive understanding and avoid periods of worry and doubt. You are very sensitive and don’t realize you are someone special. There is much more to you than what meets the eye. Start associating with people from all walks of life. Love and companionship are very important to you, but a tendency to mood swings may bring difficulties in your relationships. Cultivate positive thinking.

People born on October 28th have a youthful side that keeps you constantly interested in new people and new places. Money, awards, applause, all material treasures, including a happy home and family, can be yours if you are willing to do the work. Few people can hold a candle to your spectacular arguments, talents and workaholic extremes. You are thorough, energetic, hard working and inquisitive.

Daily thought for October 28th: We adopt certain patterns in our lives because someone has taught them to us, directly or by example. Follow good leaders, don’t simply follow the crowd.