Daily Astrology

October 3 Astrology Reading

Today, people around you are going to make you feel frustrated. Keep your positive mental attitude, trust your inner feelings and learn to be patient. You may need to learn to communicate your thoughts and feelings to others in a more positive way. The more you build up your confidence and self-esteem, the more life has to offer you. You possess enormous energy reserves and know how to make money grow. Don’t forget to have fun and take yourself less seriously.

People born on October 3rd are inclined to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. You give sound advice and many times, solve other people’s problems for them. You are a down-to-earth person and have enormous style and great taste in clothing and furniture. Holding still is not for you as you are on the move all day long and were born with a phone in your hand. Love and encouragement is what keeps you going.

Daily thought for October 3rd: The trouble with the guy who talks too fast is that he often says something he hasn’t thought of yet.