Daily Astrology

October 4 Astrology Reading

Today, you are feeling like you are being pulled in two different directions, simultaneously. You could benefit by a little less daydreaming and relaxation, a little less procrastination, a little more mental tidiness and emotional neatness, and you do sense you need to make some changes. Your need for self-expression and love of freedom ensures that, if despondent, you do not stay down for long. Learn to compromise more. Sometimes, you are not as strong and indestructible as you think you are. Keep your life balanced.

People born on October 4th are charming, warmhearted and good company. You understand that money could never satisfy you. Well informed and a self-reliant thinker, you judge by your own personal experience and make up your own mind. Nothing you do is temporary. Times of turbulence, in which things are changing, offer you wonderful opportunities for growth. You have the potential to be very successful.

Daily thought for October 4th: Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.