Daily Astrology

October 5 Astrology Reading

Today you might be wondering why you think differently from others or why you feel like you don’t fit in as well as others. It’s because you are ahead of your time. You look at life in a light, humorous and entertaining way, which is hard for most to accomplish. Home and family are important to you. There is an aura of mystery emanating from you that is confusing to others, and they want to learn more about you. Make today the day you release old worries and frustrations.

People born on October 5th are sociable and friendly and attract all types of acquaintances. You aren’t one for wild displays of emotion. Just doing something with your life is not enough for you. Your goal is to contribute something important to the world and to inspire others to do the same. You have the ability to tackle difficult issues and usually succeed.

Daily thought for October 5th: Swallowing angry words is much better than having to eat them.