Daily Astrology

October 8 Astrology Reading

Your tendency to isolate yourself is causing you to feel lonely and cut off from the world around you. You understand more about what everyone else is feeling than you do about your own emotions. Sharply intelligent and determined, you expect recognition for your personal accomplishments. Try to forget society’s values for a while and what is expected of you. Have the courage to like yourself for what you are. Living is a creative act.

People born on October 8th have a strong inner-child energy, which can be expressed through creativity. As a person of remarkable intellectual and creative energies, you only have to watch that worry does not distract you from achieving your goals. There is an intensely private side to your nature that makes it difficult for you to share your deepest feelings.

Daily thought for October 8th: Speak out for those things you believe to be true and good. If you remain silent, others may take your silence as affirmation of their position.