Daily Astrology

October 9 Astrology Reading

You’ve been gifted with charm, personality and looks. You go from breaking with all tradition to obeying a stringent routine. But every time you turn around, decisions have to be made. Concentrated effort is required for you to attain serenity. Keep your attitude light. Cultivating a healthy sense of humor plays a great part in accomplishing this. Slow down or your hectic pace and demands will wear you and others out. Use your good sense to advantage.

People born on October 9th are emotionally generous, naively romantic and have high ambitions. The romantic in you cannot believe that life can be unfair. Your love of knowledge and your razor-sharp mind gives you an ability to deal with any situation. Although you have a somewhat conservative side, you can be surprisingly unconventional and have unusual ideas. Make sure you always look before you leap.

Daily thought for October 9th: Nothing is so strong as gentleness. Nothing is so gentle as real strength.