Daily Astrology

September 13 Astrology Reading


Today, leave nothing to chance. Formulate your plans carefully and carry them out with precision and efficiency. You may have to guard against getting yourself worked up and becoming overly impatient. You are known for working hard. People know you accomplish much through determination. You are attracted to optimistic people, and they can inspire you with new ideas and opportunities. In order to get love and affection, you may have to give up some of your cravings for new experiences.

If you were born on September 13th, structure and order are the touchstones of your existence. Often broad-minded and a humanitarian, with good reasoning powers, you seek fairness and practical solutions. Because of your workaholic tendencies, you may appear less interested in love and romance than you really are. Friendship is almost as necessary to you as love, and your initial attraction to someone is often mental.

Daily thought for September 13th: One of the greatest joys in life comes from giving to those in need. And we always have something to give: our time, our finances, our effort. Often, the very thing we take for granted may be a tremendous blessing to someone else.