Daily Astrology

September 14 Astrology Reading


Today, your inquiring mind wants to know why things are the way they are. You might need to get involved in a physically or mentally challenging project just to avoid boredom. You see what needs to be done, both at home and at work, but try not to be impatient with others who are not so quick to respond. Learn to trust your own instincts and avoid being hasty or overly materialistic. Without losing your romantic sparkle, keep a firm grip on reality.

If you were born on September 14th, you have an aversion to chaos and sloppiness, which compels you to clean up messes and tidy up loose ends. In an intimate relationship, your emotionally aloof nature can create a huge gap between your romantic dreams and everyday reality. You require a certain amount of freedom in relationships, as you have a strong independent streak.

Daily thought for September 14th: Truth extends to encouragement. If you speak a positive truth about all people, you never have to avoid anyone.