Daily Astrology

September 15 Astrology Reading


Today, you are going to feel baffled by an issue that didn’t unfold properly. You have a clear desire to earn money, lots of it. Wealth is not what motivates you, but the recognition of success that is associated with it. A hidden ambition of yours is finally going to be revealed. Your patience and ability to wait will take you a long way. You have been given great powers of insight, use that wisely. Your success will be in direct proportion to your diplomatic skills.

If you were born on September 15th, you are reliable and solid, with a strong need for love and affection. Since your image is important in your wish to impress others, you always go for the best. Having high expectations from relationships, you often give a lot to those you love, but you need to be loved and appreciated yourself.

Daily thought for September 15th: All the good advice in the world is worth very little if it isn’t heeded. Be one of the wise, value good advice and apply it!