Daily Astrology

September 20 Astrology Reading


Today, despite a desire for peace, you are likely to be constantly seeking mental stimulation. You feel a need to be popular and appreciated. Have the courage to be yourself at a deep level and like yourself for who you are. Discover your strengths and exercise them in spite of opposition. Happiness is not to be ignored or undervalued. Today, you need to make an effort to let go of your busy schedule for some frivolous fun with a loved one.

If you were born on September 20th, you are charming, romantic and spontaneous, with creative gifts and an eye for color and style. You very seldom will do anything you don’t want to do, but you have a way of getting others to go along with your plans and ideas. You don’t forget birthdays, anniversaries, or other special dates. Naturally charming and sociable, you attract friends and admirers.

Daily thought for September 20th: May you never get too busy with your own affairs that you fail to respond to the needs of others.