Daily Astrology

September 23 Astrology Reading


Your knack for coping with the unexpected gives you the confidence to try different things and engage in unusual and exciting new adventures. Listen to the quiet voice of your intuition, particularly to help you overcome any possible disappointment with others. If you refrain from being overly serious in your relationships, you may find love and happiness. Try to have fun and to be lighthearted. Pay more heed to your heart and less to the impression you are making.

If you were born on September 23rd, you possess an outgoing personality and a sunny disposition that assures your popularity wherever you go. Your conversations are never dull or boring. You aim to make your mark in the world. Because you are sympathetic and capable, others are attracted to you for help and support. You easily attract friends and partners.

Daily thought for September 23rd: Thank God for your children. Listen for His advice. The change in your child and your relationship with your child is likely to be remarkable, even miraculous.