Daily Astrology

September 24 Astrology Reading


You try to be honest and straightforward in all your dealings, but you have to be careful not to be controlling and demanding. In order to keep peace and harmony, there has to be a willingness to make sacrifices. You do well when you are the head of your group, in both your public and private life. Most of the time you feel comfortable with yourself and who you are. Make a point of evaluating situations before acting. You have a charismatic warmth that others love.

If you were born on September 24th, Your keen intellect, makes you a fighter for causes that you believe in. You possess a character with strong values and sound judgment. People see you as being ultra-romantic. You like to flirt, you’re coy, and you love feeling your way through the maze of your own emotions. Don’t be bound to the past, look to the future.

Daily thought for September 24th: There is no greater love than the love that holds on where there seems nothing left to hold on to.