Daily Astrology

September 25 Astrology Reading


Others notice what a good negotiator you are. You possess extreme dependability, which makes you a great friend, lover and co-worker. Today, make sure you stay in tune with the feelings of those around you. Be careful that you don’t put your career ahead of your family and friends. Bear with those who dream but do not accomplish as much as you. You have the ability to shine and stand out in a crowd. Learn to compromise when absolutely necessary.

If you were born on September 25th, Charm is one of your greatest assets when you socialize with friends and family. If you find a subject of interest that can capture your imagination, you follow your heart and don’t let anxiety and worry undermine your great potential. You are the epitome of loyalty and elegance, and impress others with your strength of character.

Daily thought for September 25th: Information comes in varying degrees of accuracy, whereas truth comes only in one package, labeled “The whole truth and nothing but the truth.”