Daily Astrology

September 28 Astrology Reading


You have a way of appearing cooperative and friendly, without letting others take advantage of you. You tend to be extremely patient and willing to wait for the best possible opportunity before making your move. Always ready for action and new ventures, you have no issue with taking on life’s challenges. You are fascinated by the unexplained mysteries of life. People find you warm, caring and loving. With your friends and family, you are generous and giving.

If you were born on September 28th, You are ambitious and full of vitality as well as being direct and outspoken. More than anything, you like being in a place filled with music, laughter, and the scintillating conversation of interesting, intelligent people. Your natural charm and sociability indicate that you have a large circle of friends.

Daily thought for September 28th: A healthy conscience is one of our greatest gifts from God. It serves to keep our lives on track and thus maintain peace in our hearts.