Daily Astrology

September 29 Astrology Reading


Your willingness to compromise makes you especially easy to get along with. Although you may be less sure of yourself than you appear, you still possess all the aggressiveness and self-confidence you need to get the job done. You can explain complex subjects to others in a meaningful and interesting way. By letting go and taking life as it comes, you are immediately rewarded and draw towards you everything you need.

If you were born on September 29th, You are very generous with others as you search for love and approval. People see you as being very confident in your ability to achieve results in all that you attempt to do. You are known for your good taste and how you appreciate quality and beauty. With your natural understanding, you tend to be a great learner with potential in any field you choose.

Daily thought for September 29th: Action can change feelings. Motion can result in emotion. Love is established not so much by fervent promise as by often repeated deeds.