Daily Astrology

September 6 Astrology Reading


Today is a day to focus on the present. Take things one step at a time, and go with life’s rhythms. Friends and family are extremely important and they will serve as a protective buffer between you and the harsher side of life. Learn to work with fate. It is neither your enemy nor your friend, but it can become an accepted companion. Learn to be alone and to enjoy it. Have more confidence in yourself.

If you were born on September 6th, you are sociable, with creative ideas. You are happiest when expressing yourself. Your intuitive feelings are usually right and can often help you quickly judge others. By being more detached, trusting that you will be taken care of in the larger plan, you are able to have a lighter and more creative approach to life.

Daily thought for September 6th: What we see on TV inevitably becomes a part of our memory bank, becoming background information for justifying our behavior. If what you see isn’t what you want to do, then change what you see!