Daily Astrology

September 8 Astrology Reading


Today, you’re looking outwardly cool and calm and ready to solve any problems coming your way. Your confidence inspires confidence in others and encourages them to follow your lead. Acting at just the right moment will be the key to your success. Learn to accept the help of others and be vulnerable occasionally. Don’t take on too much and finish what you start.

If you were born on September 8th, you may find that your sense of well-being is connected to the harmony of your surroundings. Ambitious and enterprising, you possess a natural business sense and an ability to present an unusual and original point of view in many situations. As you are clever, original and sociable, you have no trouble attracting friends and admirers.

Daily thought for September 8th: Never start counting your troubles until you’ve counted at least a hundred of your blessings. By that time, you will have long forgotten what your troubles even were.