Daily Astrology

September 9 Astrology Reading


Today, you will get so carried away by your impractical ideas that your potential for doing good gets lost in the shuffle. You are showing your thorny outer skin, but you’re a lot softer and sweeter on the inside. Life is a constant battle for you because of your insecurities but these fears will drive you on to be surprisingly successful. Building your self-confidence is a big item, but something you need to handle.

If you were born on September 9th, you are a very private person, but usually your occupation or main interest brings you into contact with society. With your natural understanding of people, you attract people who may draw from your energy, so it is necessary to be discriminating in your choice of relationships.

Daily thought for September 9th: Let your fans sing your praises. It will be received as far more genuine by those who hear it, than if you sung them yourself.