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A Very Active and Introspective Time

A crazy April awaits, and the better you are prepared and embrace it, the better you will be prepared for amazing times in the coming months. Since the fall of 2015, Saturn has been going through Sagittarius, right through the partner aspect of your existence. To be straight, it has been a thorn in your side regarding all of the relationships in your life. If you have been “good” and have learned to accept that all relationships need patience and work to make them productive and positive, you have grown from this trying time.

If you have been fighting it, it has probably been a trying time. On April 6th, Saturn turns retrograde, and this is your last big hurrah for this intensified friction with relationships. Be smart and look the problems right in the eye. This will be over by August 25th, so take this time to build up coping skills and to be truly thankful for the relationships in your life.

You are communicative and clear, and it is a wonderful opportunity to spread joy on social media or start the blog. Find a project that involves writing and you will find the words flowing out of you.

On April 11th, there will be a full moon in Pisces, and this will be a time of incredibly pronounced attention to romance, creativity and children. Mark this on your calendar and plan some quality time with a loved one, child, or even something as simple as a creative project like painting or a craft. It’s time to act on that strong need you have been feeling to become more sociable and adventurous.

On April 15th, Venus turns in Pisces and this is a time where your career is again the focus of your life. This means a lower stress concentration on your love life, something you have been wanting for some time. Moreover, you might have the seeds sowing of a new office romance!

You want the freedom to work in your own way, but are still keenly aware of the advantages of working cooperatively with others. Your shrewd mind is full of money-making ideas. You may need to develop patience and tolerance, particularly when dealing with people less developed than yourself.

On the 21st, Mars enters your sign and you are fully rejuvenated and energized. You are physically amped, and this is a great time to start a new exercise program or start a diet. You are communicative and clear, and it is a wonderful opportunity to spread joy on social media or start the blog. Find a project that involves writing and you will find the words flowing out of you.

It’s time for you to have a more positive philosophy in life, and something to believe in, so that you do not drift, and this will enable you to be more focused. It is important to act responsibly and to pay your debts, as you have a strong sense of justice and want your surroundings to be as harmonious as possible.

On April 26th a new moon in Taurus means that you could be the person behind the scenes of a project, making everything come together, but very few people will know about it. You embrace this role. This could be a project that was lingering in the past, but you gave it new life, and take pride and pleasure in bringing it to life, while other are out front and get the praise.

Venus moves through Aries between April 28 and June 6th. The embers of your romantic side are flaring up and a new crush could be brewing. You know what you want out of a relationship. Yet a restlessness may create problems for you, especially if you are impatient or think you can hurry people along. When you find that person who positively stimulates your mind, you will then become loving, loyal and supportive.

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