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Gemini Horoscope – February, 2017

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Chances for Great Things Come Your Way in February!

February 6 is a time where Jupiter will turn retrograde in Libra. This will relate to the subtle joys that you find in your positive relationships with family, romantic partners, and your creative pursuits. This will bring a calming effect to these aspects of your life, even to the point where some romantic relationships might seem to be slowing down, but are rather just experiencing a time of tranquility. If you seize this opportunity, you will find that the calmness is in fact a gift of introspection and clarity, and you can take advantage of this to reevaluate creative projects.  You will be offered a weekend away. If your schedule permits, go, you will love the experience.

When you commit yourself to your vision and express it in achievable goals, you provide yourself with the motivation of where you are going and how you anticipate getting there.

February 7 to 25 will have Mercury moving through Aquarius, which will allow your brain to be more focused than ever. Your insight will be accute with a laser focus. Use this time to discover new, seemingly undiscovered opportunities with work and in all aspects of your life.  Just don’t forget that your family needs time with you, too.

February 10 has a lunar eclipse in Leo which will create an intensity with someone very close, or with how you project yourself to others. This will be a sort of agitation of old perceptions, an awakening and opportunity to re-engage a close relationship, and reinvigorate a positive way that you promote yourself to the world.  Be ready to make a statement, for many will be watching to see how you handle a situation.

On February 25, Mercury will move into Pisces, and you will become more focused on work and in this area your intuition and organizational skills will be at their best.  Some of your co-workers have a different opinion than you do. Accept that there are views different from your own and let others express what they have to say. All perspectives should be valued and respected.  Decisions will have to be made.  You will be the successful negotiator, and many will want to follow your lead.

On February 26, a solar eclipse is going to be a time to revive or take advantage of opportunities in your professional world. Neptune is in concert with this eclipse, so the opportunities should be dealing with the artistic side- you will be inventive and creative with a new project. This is a radiant time, and if you engage the chances that you have during this increased enlightenment, the positive effects will linger for a long time after.  There will be a reward for all your hard work.

Now is the time to focus on a few important goals rather than starting too many new projects. When you commit yourself to your vision and express it in achievable goals, you provide yourself with the motivation of where you are going and how you anticipate getting there. Goals can motivate you and give you something to strive for. There is so much to do and to experience in life, but many of the things we want to achieve and experience won’t be handed to us, we need to work for them.

Be careful and make sure you think before you leap into any new romantic entanglements. Unfortunately, happiness seems to fade when we learn what really lies beneath charming good looks and funny jokes. Take a new relationship slowly, learn how to be more giving of yourself to another person.  Love yourself first.

You are on the right path in creating your own destiny. You have been taking charge of your life and will reap financial rewards very soon. February will be an excellent month for you, as your finances are in good shape and you have a happy family life.


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