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A Time To Cherish Old and New Friends!

The sign of the twins is aligned to risk taking, and the need to prove to those close to you that you can pave your own way in the world. You have been thinking about getting things accomplished, so get busy and get them done. A Mercury retrograde in the beginning of the month will force you to slow down and refrain from acting without thinking things through. People are cooperating with you because they believe in you, don’t let them down. This is the best time for personal growth. Speak your mind, but do so tactfully. Your positive attitude will enable you to soar.

If you need to rest, do so rather than pushing yourself into illness. Get close friends together and cook a few delicious meals. You love hanging out with your friends, and they look to you for guidance. Focus on your health by exercising and eating healthy. Having a balanced and healthy diet will definitely be beneficial for your health.

Make time for your friends. If you want to keep a relationship long lasting, then you must move ahead slowly. Understand that if you make a wrong romantic decision, you are the only one to blame. Listen to that one friend who is interested in starting a new venture with you. There might be a chance for making extra money in this new venture.

“The full moon brings out the true essence of a person, and that will be able to give you an increased awareness regarding the people around you.”

January 12th is your Full Moon in Cancer, as Mercury joins Pluto in Capricorn. This is the perfect time to begin a new relationship or to refresh an existing one. The full moon brings out the true essence of a person and that will be able to give you an increased awareness regarding the people around you. This will also apply to those that will be entering your life this month.

January 28th is the New Moon in Aquarius, as Mars enters Aries. This is the ideal time to talk money. This could be to your boss, or maybe to those around you that might owe you money. Don’t be intense, just gently remind those that might be behind in paying you back.

January is an excellent time to establish a stock portfolio, or another type of financial plan. Look into dabbling in shares of companies that have a history of paying dividends. When it comes to money, work towards slow, steady savings. Keep current with your financial obligations related to credit card debt and outstanding loans. Your finances appear to be secure. You are hard working and will prosper financially.

What you are craving now is a few deeper connections. Don’t try to juggle too much, if you do, tension arises. Don’t let anyone disturb the peace and harmony that you are experiencing right now. Remain focused on your work. It’s a good time to try and rise in your field and gain some recognition that you deserve. Your positive energy will help you make right decisions.

Now is the time to streamline your life into a simple and healthy routine. It’s also time for romance and adventure. Keep working on that fun trip you’ve been thinking about, and surprises will come your way.


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