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Tranquility Now!

After a tumultuous April, May is going to be a calm, blissful time of clarity and peace. Mercury turns direct in Aries, and joins Venus on May 3rd to get things going… the next few weeks will be full of activity. You will feel adventurous, romantic, and full of life. Your calendar will be full with people gravitating toward you during these next two weeks, so get out there and enjoy yourself. It has been a long winter and April was no picnic.

On the 16th, Mercury will enter Taurus and your adventurous side will become much more practical, and it will be welcome after a few weeks of living the life.You are thoughtful, sensitive and friendly. You are starting to judge life and people according to how you feel. It’s time to find a balance between being overly confident and insecure.

There will be a Full Moon in Scorpio on May 10, and it will enlighten your day to day work routine. Perhaps a project that you have been working on has an issue and you have the clarity to solve the problem. You will have a keen awareness of everything around you on this day, so take advantage. You might even finally get rewarded for some good deed or good work done in the recent past.

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There is a New Moon for Gemini on the 25th, and you are washed over with a new sense of optimism and good will. You are confident, but not arrogant, and make others around you feel empowered. This new moon occurs only once annually, so don’t take it lightly. This is a day of maximum power and influence, and you can affect others around you in amazingly positive ways.

Geminis are fascinated with races, cultures, and socioogical structures. As one, you will even go to a reservation and live for a while to see how it is. If you can’t go, you’ll fantasize about it. Sometimes a Gemini will become a hippie for a while to see how it is, and then change into something else again. Geminis are the experimenters of the Zodiac.

You love to know what motivates others, and your ability to deal with people is a major part of your success. You have an attraction to creative and successful people. You love glamour and socializing. You may need to find a partner who is ambitious and naturally clever, someone you can rely on.

This is a month when you make an extra effort to be thrifty with money. You tend to be very generous with the people that you care about, but you are thinking of booking a trip and will need to save a little extra for it.

May is a joyous month for Geminis, and you should prepare in advance for upcoming celestial events such as the new moon on the 25th, and the first two week where you can explore with increased vigor. More chaotic months are ahead, so take the time to enjoy the glory of Spring and make the most of it.


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