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Gemini September 2017 Horoscope

Venus transits Virgo between September 19th and October 14th. Venus and Mars are now traveling in tandem, and that means a huge, powerful connection in your romantic life.

If you are currently single, this is a prime time to make yourself available and get out there and socialize. People are strongly drawn to you and your romantic side is boiling over. If you currently have a romantic partner, you will have a very strong desire to ramp things up during this time.

From the 19th until October 14th, it is also a time to resolve any family issues that have been brewing beneath the surface. The reason you will want to deal with these things now is that you have an enhanced sense of understanding when dealing with little problems and details, and you don’t let them stress you out.  You see the big picture and are especially adept at problem solving.

Show Pride In Your Zodiac Sign

You communication skills will be filled with patience, thoughtfulness, and wisdom. So during this time when planets are working in your favor, not only use it to enhance your creative and romantic side, but also to put out fires and remedy family tensions.

There is new moon on September 20th in Virgo. This is a pretty magical date that you will want to be aware of.  Not only do you now have Mars, Venus and Mercury in Virgo, you also have a new moon.

This new moon is going to deal with your home situation, and new opportunities.  The planets are in your favor, so allow the new moon to shine the light on new possibilities.

This could be a literal opportunity, actually effecting your house or other living arrangement.  Or it could mean a major change to your home life.  Whatever it is, keep your eyes, ears, heart, and mind open to any new opportunities around this date.

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