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Gemini September 2017 Horoscope

The month of September is a complete role reversal of August. As you were dodging astrological bullets last month, putting off important decisions, and trying to put out little fires in your life, now with the planets aligning for your benefit, you can be proactive and move forward in all aspects of your life.

As the month unfolds, keep a clear picture of different times in your life and take a mental picture. We are not slaves to astrological activity, but there are tendencies and energies pushing and pulling us in different directions.  If you can prepare and manage bad months like August, you will better appreciate good times that September might bring.

Mercury enters Libra on the 29th, and to cap off an extraordinary month of creative possibilities, it is one more event that works in your favor.

Gemini “Words of Wisdom” September 2017 Horoscope

You are an extremely sensitive person who specializes in guarding your emotions.  Focus less on the past and more on the present.  Enjoy yourself, have fun, live in the now.  What happens in the future, mostly, belongs to chance.

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