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Gemini September 2017 Horoscope

Explore and Relax!

September is going to be a complete change of pace for you, Gemini, after three months of tumultuous astrological events.

Four months ago, things seemed quite peaceful and calm, as May lent itself to quiet and tranquility.  But then, June, July, and especially August have been very busy and eventful. Last month you had two eclipses and a Mercury retrograde.  Don’t fret, September is going to be smooth sailing.

September is going to be an amazing month. Spoil yourself or someone you care for with a little special something to help you enjoy it. Learn More Here!

Hopefully you had planned well for the retrograde, and put off making important decisions, and avoided conflict as much as possible. You will now have the ability to fix any problems that happened during the retrograde, or simply now make the important decisions that you have been putting off.

Mercury turns direct in Leo on September 5th.  Circle this date, as it means it is the end of the nonsense of the previous month.  If you have the means and the time to take a trip, this is a wonderful time for a “reboot” vacation.  It could even be a simple as a weekend getaway or a day trip to a relaxing point of interest.  The point is, if you can, try to take a little time to totally change your environment, it will be just like rebooting your computer to fix a problem… and it will work.

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