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Build Friendships and Socialize

An up and down and busy month for Leos! Mercury is retrograde from April 9th until May 3rd, and you will need to keep your wits about you. Don’t dive into new endeavors, just wait it out until May. Chaos will be lurking and only has power if you allow it to.

Take a step back whenever there is friction, and embrace yourself with the skill necessary to deal with conflicts and stress. These little moments of astrological “malignment” come with a beautiful silver lining: they make us stronger.

You possess natural diplomatic skills and an ability to make new people feel relaxed. Friends have told you how courteous and friendly you are.

The fact that you are experience this retro offers a wonderful positive side if you are open to it. By putting aside important decision-making and new projects, you will have the time and energy to focus on relationships and family. Take this time to do so. Seem calm and others will be calm as well. Hone your conflict-solving skills by learning patience and be thoughtful to any problem set in front of you.

Your love of adventure may inspire you to travel in your never-ending quest for knowledge about other cultures. To achieve your objectives, you benefit more by combining your strong imagination and idealism with your sharp intellect. It’s time for you to take a practical approach to life as well as financial security.

On April 11th, a full moon in Libra will enhance your communication skills greatly. Get on social media and start building your networks and engage with friends. Take some time to strengthen existing relationships, and send out a call or text message to let people know you are thinking of them.

Venus turns direct into Pisces on the 15th, and it could mean a windfall for you! Make sure to keep your eyes open to the opportunity or you might miss it. New income that comes seemingly out of nowhere could appear for you on this day, even if it is the rediscovery of assets or a new business opportunity.

Mars transits Gemini between April 21 and June 4th, and this is a booming time for your relationships and networking skills. Build up those friends online, and reinforce the ones you have.

What might be the strongest area of growth is new “friends of friends”. Be open to being set up by a friend with a mutual friend, and socialize when you get invited. You will be a socializing machine during this time.

You possess natural diplomatic skills and an ability to make new people feel relaxed. Friends have told you how courteous and friendly you are. Make sure you create a balance and refrain from going to extremes by overreacting to any political discussions.

On the 26th you will have a new moon in Taurus, and this is going to be a strong day for your professional life. This is a new opportunity regarding something with your career, or even with home projects that you have been working on or thinking about. Let the light shine on this day and uncover possibilities you have been overlooking.

From April 28th to June 6th, Venus transits Aries and this is an interesting unfolding of circumstances… new romance could appear out of nowhere or lurking where you might not have been looking. Keep an eye out, you might have an anonymous admirer!

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