Leo Horoscope – February, 2017


Personal Revelations Abound!

The eclipses during February will be especially potent for Leos. On February 10, the lunar eclipse will bring out truths or conflicts that are hidden beneath the surface and you will be confronted with how to deal with them. Be prepared for this, and even get ahead of any potential personal revelations that might be embarrassing or uncomfortable. The good news is that it can be wonderfully cleansing to go through such little stresses, and allows us to get back to the balance that we need to operate proficiently in life.

Your eyes will be opened to beauty during this time, and make sure to embrace and enjoy your enhanced observance of even the little things around you.

Venus enters Aries on February 3, a time where you could find a windfall in either a material or spiritual sense. On the romantic side, you may discover a serendipitous new discovery that you weren’t expecting. Your eyes will be opened to beauty during this time, and make sure to embrace and enjoy your enhanced observance of even the little things around you.

From February 6 to June 9 Jupiter moves retrograde in Libra. This will be a time where your communication will be a little more labored and muddled. Ease off of social media and communication that isn’t necessary, as it is a chance to stumble over words. However, it also is a time for increased introspection and a time to take stock of your values and goals.

This is a time to fully embrace thoughtful exploration. This could be a tidying up of relationships and how you deal with family and friends, and also a time of spirituality and religious contemplation. Think of it as a break from the social to a cleansing period of being a bit of an introvert.

On February 7 Mercury enters Aquarius, a perfect time for you communication regarding work. You are a problem solver, and not driven by ego, and can be the team leader of any work project. On the 25th, Mercury moves into Pisces, and this super work focus that is practical will morph into the same level of energy, but this time creatively.

On February 26 the solar eclipse will fall in Pisces, which brings into play some very interesting possibilities. This is a time when your collaborations come into play, and this could mean anything from financial obligations to collateral partnerships might be affected. You might want to take this time to engage in a purely self-improvement endeavor as well.

In February, many things will change for you and you will encounter obstacles and several people who will disappoint you with their actions. Know that what they do is not about you. Your friends and family know that you are delightful and your personal life is getting ready to blossom. It’s time to be more trusting of others and nicer to yourself.

You are thinking about making a few investments with some money that has come your way. Just make sure you have researched your possibilities before you commit. If you play it cool and act conservatively with your money, you will be a success.


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