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A Time to Lose Negative Baggage and Regroup!

The sign, Leo, is ruled by the sun. The time has come for you, the Leo, to evaluate your choices in life. Do you feel like a slave in your romantic relationships? Is your job worth the grief? Do you feel like escaping altogether? It’s a new year and things need to change, even though we have the Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius until January 8th, you have to make plans. You may have to break off old connections and make new ones. For a relationship to work it must be a source of joy, personal growth and emotional stability.

“January is the month to take full advantage of the opportunities coming your way.  It’s time to increase your friendships and opportunities as they will enable you to live a healthier life.”

It’s time to fly high and be free from heavy baggage. You will find your way soon enough and realize that sometimes we have to take some detours in order to find out who we are and who we are not. Make sure you take time to recharge your batteries before making any important decisions.

Your goal is to live an independent and peaceful life. You are expecting your partner to help you achieve your goals, which is an impossible task. You have great personal power now as you have earned respect from others by being true to yourself. Relationships that have fallen into a rut get renewed sparkle, if you will let them. Elements of your life are in the process of being rebuilt. This is the month to take full advantages if the new opportunities coming your way.  It’s time to socialize more and to open your heart.

Your past financial plans have been changed. You have not been open with yourself about your finances. Start a budget and stick with it. Keep it real with your money. Success and financial gains will come to you if you act responsibly, but it will take time.

On January 12th, the Full Moon will be in Cancer, and Mercury joins Pluto in Capricorn. You will find that your energy will be zapped today, and you will feel less than your normal self, both physically and emotionally.

On January 28th, the New Moon will be in Aquarius, and Mars enters Aries. It’s a day to stop the running, and hold back a bit and just coast along. Just for today, stop making important decisions until you have all the pieces to the puzzle.

Being born in the Leo sign, you are likely to have lots of enthusiasm and energy. Expect the unexpected. Support is coming from your family and friends. You will experience peace, happiness and success in your career. There will be opportunities opening up and if you work hard and act in a responsible manner, you will do well.


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