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Network and Socialize

After passing through a May that gave you solace and peace, June will be a month of a lot of activity. It is a month where many new paths are laid for the rest of the year, and with a positive approach, could be the most productive time of the year for you.

On June 4th, Mars enters Cancer through the 20th, and you will be in a state of preparation. You will need to prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically for a very important time that is going to lay the foundations for the rest of the year. You will need to be in control of all aspects of your personality, and start by surrounding yourself, and embracing, people that are positive and productive. It is important to have wonderful people around you as you will have many new beginnings with work and family projects. Be wary of negative emotions, and have the wherewithal to know when to take a step back, not allowing a negative emotion to use up too much of your energy.

Angel of LEO – Governing Angels

Mercury enters Gemini and Venus enters Taurus on the 6th. Jupiter also turns direct into Libra. If your work and family life has taken over all aspects of your life, this could be a time where you begin to embrace having some balance and you start to make more time for your social life. Embrace it, as you will be enriched by even the simple things like meals out, weekend trips to local events and places, and just an overall embracing of getting regular changes of scenery. Through the 21st, it is a time where you will want to interact more with people around you and not allow your life to form into a shell where you are in the same routine day in and day out.

The transit of Venus entering Taurus will strongly affect your professional life. You need to make your voice heard and take charge of any new projects that are coming your way. People will embrace your ideas as they will be clear and well thought out. Romance might also intersect with your career.

The aspect of Jupiter turning direct into Libra will break away some ruts that you might feel you are in with work or at home. Things will simply feel like they are running better with a project or problem, and it is time to break stalemates in your life.

There is a full moon in Sagittarius on the 18th. There will be a strong enhancement dealing with creativity, romance, or even a family member. This is going to be a very joyous event, so keep your mind and heart open to the possibilities.

Mercury joins Mars in Cancer on the 21st and around this time it might be a great time to keep a dream journal. Your subconscious is trying to help you out with information regarding those close to you. Your dreams are often trying to let you know something you can’t see in front of your eyes, so give them special attention.

A new moon is in Gemini on the 23rd and you are a collaboration machine around this event. Look for opportunities to join teams that are trying to accomplish some specific goal, whether at work or in your community.

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