Leo Monthly Horoscope

Leo Monthly Horoscope

Leo Monthly Horoscope – October 2017

Be Open To Ideas and Possibilities

Leo Monthly Horoscope: A full moon in Aries on October 5th will get started a busy month of astrological activity. You are coming off a very positive month in September after several very challenging months prior, in terms of planetary positioning. But, don’t worry, Leo, you are able to continue to ride a wave of new possibilities and positivity heading into the heart of Autumn.

Getting back to the full moon, it is in a nice position with the sun, so this one is going to be quite radiant, effecting days all around it. Around this date you will be longing for “getting out there” and exploring much beyond what you see day to day.  This could mean literally traveling to somewhere far away that you have never been, or even just a yearning for expansive enlightening.

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Powerful full moons can broaden our horizons, and they illuminate aspects of our world that have been sitting right in front of us the whole time.  You could have a tugging at your subconscious about wanting to learn some new area of study, or a desire to research some esoteric topic. The new moon will help bring this yearning into light and make it a reality.

Leo Monthly Horoscope – Jupiter Transit

Leo Monthly Horoscope: On October 10th there is going to be a big event regarding Jupiter, and it is going to be a major part of your life for months to come. Jupiter moves from Libra into Scorpio on this date, and will be there until November 18th.

The core concept of this Jupiter transit is “expansion”.  Your home life could be directly affected, meaning you could be changing where you live, buying more property, and even starting on building a new home. Whatever it is, your home life will be growing in some aspect.

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New family members? New roommates? Whatever it is, look for more of a major part of where you live. Be prepared for the expansion, and it will be a very positive turn of events.

For Leos, this Jupiter move is somewhat interesting. Jupiter will be in a somewhat confrontational angle to the sun, so the expansion could mean a greater burden will fall on you. Don’t fret, as a Leo you are excited for more responsibility as Jupiter keeps expanding your world.

Venus moves through Libra from October 14th to November 7th, and this is going to be a major boon for your communication and network abilities.  Have you been having some disagreements or stress with people you work with, neighbors or family members?  Now is the time that you will find that you can resolve these once and for all.

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