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Springing Forth Into Joy

Saturn moves retrograde through Sagittarius from April 6th to August 25th and this is going to be a time that tests your close family and people you interact with often in your family and home life. Things seem a bit “off” and you will have to often take a step back and see that the pattern is something that is personal, and is not them.

It is a time that tests your patience and resolve, but tests are ultimately for improvement, and you can take this time to deepen your problem solving skills and build your patience.

You possess a strong will and the ability to make your wishes come true. Make sure you constantly check your motivation and be careful what you ask for.

On April 9th, Mercury turns retrograde in Taurus, and along with some other moves involving Aries will cause some potential chaos until May 3rd. The prudent thing to do during this period is to keep it simple. Don’t dive into any new commitments if you don’t have to, and put off any life altering decisions until May.

You aren’t at your most “clear-headedness” but that will soon pass. Take the time to formally evaluate the structure of your life, without making any major changes until this time passes. It is a great time to tie up loose ends, and complete projects that have been left undone. Don’t start any new endeavors until you make a list and complete all of your unfinished ones. Don’t fret, clearer and more active times are on the horizon!

On the 11th, a full moon is in your sign, and is conjunct with Jupiter. Romantically, after the 15th, when Venus is done being retro and turns direct to Pisces, it is a time to reboot your relationship. The clouds have lifted, and the sun shines on your romantic life at this time.

Not in a relationship? Well, this is a great time to get out and mingle. You are a thoughtful, patient, and genuine romantic partner during this time, even it is just in an innocent social setting.

On the 21st Mars enters Gemini and you start to feel the urge to get out there and dive into a new adventure. This could very well mean planning a trip, even if just getting into the car alone and driving to somewhere you haven’t been before.

Take time to let new stimuli wash over you… try a day trip to a nearby town you have been wanting to try, or even that new market or fair. You will feel the urge to simply “get out” and explore.

On the 26th there is a new moon in Taurus, and this is a time where the side of you that takes pleasure in the mysterious comes out. It is almost like a Halloween in April, where you are fascinated by the macabre, and you have a little devilish curiosity that needs exploring. You will seem a little odd to people around you around this new moon, but that is because you are drawn to a certain element of the unknown.

You possess a strong will and the ability to make your wishes come true. Make sure you constantly check your motivation and be careful what you ask for. You will have to guard against an extravagant streak at this time.

Venus transits Aries from April 28th to June 6th, and this is going to directly deal with the relationships in your life, particularly those that involve partnerships. Things will heat up with a partner, and let that happen… schedule time to concentrate just on that important person in your life.

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