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Libra Horoscope – August, 2017

Libra August 2017 Horoscope

Impulses and Energies

August could be a bumpy ride, but if you stand prepared, could end up being a wonderful month of enlightenment and change. There are two eclipses and Mercury retrograde to keep you busy, but if you use these events to your advantage, you could be leading into a very exciting fall.

May was a quiet month that led into a busy June and July.  It has seemed that things have been getting more and more active as the summer has progressed.  Now it is time for the major events of the summer… the eclipses and the Mercury retrograde.

Lunar Eclipse for Libra August Horoscope

On August 7th, there is a Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius. This eclipse is going to be powerful, and it is going to affect you before and after the actual day of the eclipse.  It is going to directly shine the light on something dealing with your romantic or creative side.  Remain open to advice and suggestions.

Jupiter is involved, so there is a buffer against this powerful eclipse turning to the negative, such as a dramatic fight over nothing.  There will be a light shined upon some energies with your romantic and creative side, so be prepared not to overreact to the negative, and to dive in and embrace the positive!

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There will also be a Full Moon on August 7th .  Native American tribes called the August Moon the “Sturgeon Moon” because they knew that the fishermen catching sturgeon of the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain had their largest catches during this moon.  The Full Moon is when the moon’s energy is at its peak.  The day of the full moon brings vitality, good health and friendships.  This moon is also called the Blueberry Moon, for the blueberry harvest, but in color, it appears reddish when reflecting through a molten haze during the early hours of the day.

Mercury Retrograde for Libra August Horoscope

On August 12th Mercury turns Retrograde in Virgo, then back into Leo and done on the 5th of September.  For many, this retrograde will trigger a time of potential chaos with their finances, work, relationships, family or friends.  For you, Libra, it is going to provide you with a deep introspection on your belief system and spirituality. Use this as a time of reflection and meditation. It is a focus inward to examine the things that make up your moral and spiritual make up, and you can embrace this for the good.

Sometimes we need to be forced to rethink all of our core beliefs, and the Mercury retrograde will be that for you.  It also could mean a re-introduction to someone or some element from your past that has been buried for some time.  Take the time to resolve any past issues if they arise during this retrograde.

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