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Big Changes In Store

May is past, and your time of rest and regrouping is passing. June is going to be a very active and important month, full of many crossroads.

Mars is going through Cancer from June 4th to July 20th, and this will have a very positive affect on your professional life, or any formal projects that you are involved with. It is a time when your assets as a leader and an innovator are at an all time high. The combination of Mars and Cancer provides you with a renewed energy and this overwhelming force sets you on the path to be productive coupled with a sense of clarity and effectiveness.

Angel of LIBRA – Governing Angels

On June 6th, Mercury enters Gemini and Venus enters Taurus. Furthermore, on the 9th, Jupiter turns direct into Libra. Let’s start with Mercury in Gemini, which will last until June 21st.

Your communication skills will become extremely focused and confident during this time. It is a wonderful time to take center stage with any work, community or even a family project. You should be writing and creating, as your thoughts are exceptionally clear at this time.

The second transit, of Venus and Taurus from June 6th to July 4th, and the relationships that you have been cultivating for years will provide you with great benefit during this time. You have put a lot into them, and your unselfishness and thoughtfulness will come full circle during this time. Don’t be ashamed to take advantage of the great partnerships that you have in your life, as you have worked hard to make them successful.

From June 9th until October 10th, Jupiter turns direct into your sign and this could be a momentous time in your life. Work, home, romance, and creativity will explode with possibilities. There are long periods in our lives where we are just building and building; preparing for greater things. Take heart, Libra, this is your time.

On June 9th there is a full moon in Sagittarius, and Saturn retrograde is in Sagittarius at the same time. Is there a big move or major readjustment going on? Around this day could be a shifting of your living arrangements that changes your life from this day forward.

Mercury joins Mars in Cancer on June 21st. This is going to again deal with your career, and around this day in particular, is a day to raise your hand and be heard. Don’t make it a time of working behind the scenes, your work needs your clear and thoughtful voice.

On June 23rd, there is a new moon in Cancer and this is going to be an event of “newness”, either with work, or an entirely new income opportunity.

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