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Taking time to Regroup and Rethink

May will be a month of quiet respite, a nice break from the previous chaotic months, and a window of peace before a busy summer. The last month or so has been quite hectic, and you will deeply appreciate the calm that this May will bring.

Mercury turns direct in Aries on May 3rd, and your partnerships- whether professional or personal, will stabilize, and you will see clearly the value of those close relationships. Little problems will seem like they should- little, and you will appreciate your business and romantic partners much more.

Communication becomes a strong point for you during this time, and you will be able to quickly translate your thoughts into words. Keep a pen and paper around, or be near a laptop, as you will want to jot down ideas as they pop into your head.

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Sometimes, you fail to recognize your faults or simply ignore them. Because you are so charming, you often get away with this – but never for long. A loving critical partner or friend may help dissuade you from this tendency, if you really listen to them!

A Full Moon in Scorpio on the 10th deals with money. Mercury will direct by the full moon, and this is a time for completion. If you have started some financial dealings, or have had issues with a work project, or any project that involves finances, this is a great time to get if finalized.

Mercury moves through Taurus between May 16th and June 6th, and this is going to strongly affect your interpersonal and professional collaborations. Gather the team together or increase your communication with anyone you share common projects with. This is an excellent time to get things accomplished with others!

Your ideas flow in a reasonable and respectful manner, so take the lead and bring these collaborations to fruition! This also might be a great time to start up something that could bring in a whole new income stream. Be open to ideas from others and embrace the challenge.

The main disadvantage of a strong Libran personality is indecision. Try not to treat all problems by assuming that if you just wait around long enough, they will go away. This can actually hold you back in all areas of your life. You have good instincts, take advantage of that.

A New Moon in Gemini that joins Mars is a time of new opportunities. There is an enlightenment that you undertake, and this could mean a new area of study, an exciting trip somewhere you have always wanted to go, or even you expand your education to something outside your normal comfort zone. This expansion of your world will be very active up until June 9th.

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