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Libra September 2017 Horoscope

Back in the Right Direction

To review, the last four months have been very interesting to say the least.  May started off nice enough.  A peaceful and uneventful time astrologically, but you knew that busy times where coming soon.

June and July were very hectic, as summer months can be.  They weren’t necessarily overly negative or positive, but just very eventful. August, on the other hand, was something less than ideal.

September is going to be an amazing month. Spoil yourself or someone you care for with a little special something to help you enjoy it. Learn More Here!

With two eclipses and a Mercury retrograde, August was just ripe for chaos.  Ideally, you planned well and left any big decisions to be dealt with until after the retrograde was over.  You might have some little fires to put out, but don’t fret- September is going to be a very positive month for you!

The month really starts to take shape on September 5th, when Mercury turns direct in Leo.  This is going to last until September 29th, when it will turn into your sign!

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