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Time For Relaxation

Finally when Mercury is direct again on May 3rd, things start getting back to normal and you can dive into making any big decisions. Mercury then turns into Taurus on the 16th regarding money, and this will be a wonderful time to expand your capabilities for making money.

Through June 6th, Venus will be in your sign and your romantic life should be going very smoothly. You have vigor to your step, and your creative side is lit up. You are brimming with ideas. It is a wonderful time of the year, and you are feeling doubly the renewing aspects of Spring. People will notice this sense of confidence and power that you have and they will gravitate not only toward you, but toward your ideas.

May will have Venus and Mars cooperating in your sign, and you will be an excellent communicator for most of the month. This will continue until June 4th. Spend this time of clarity diving into creative endeavors that involve writing. Also, you can expand your social reach as people will be receptive to your invitations to get to know you. You will find that your ideas are a bit clearer and organized for all of May.

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There will be a Full Moon in Scorpio and this will involve how you partner up with others in your life. Do you have a business partnership that has become stressed, or in a relationship that has been in a confused state? This is a time where the root of problems will reveal themselves, and in all likelihood issues that you thought were big turn out to be just silly misunderstandings.

You will have a full view of relationships in your life that affect your love life, financial and family life, and will be able to sort out problems during the full moon. You are happy in the company of those with whom you share some type of intellectual activity. You get along with most people and mix well with different groups. Make sure there is always give and take in any of your relationships.

On the 25th there is a New Moon in Gemini that is in concert with Mars, and this again will boost your communication skills, particularly with friends and family. It is a time to mend old wounds as you will see how petty disagreements grew out of proportion into bigger problems that can be solved with open communication.

Jupiter is in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius are moving in retrograde after the 3rd, the only planets doing so which means that it will be a great time for inward contemplation.

Your excellent ability to evaluate situations will give you a natural sense of authority. You are idealistic, generous, extravagant and daring. You can also be materialistic, selfish and too security-conscious. Try to find a good balance.

In June, Jupiter will turn direct on June 6th, and this will create a beneficial situation for all of your life’s partnerships. Saturn will continue to be retrograde through the summer, causing some delays in travel plans or decisions regarding education or training.

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