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Cloudy Times Soon To Be Sunny!

Starting April 6th and through August 25th, Saturn moves retrograde through Sagittarius, directly affecting your work. This is a time of reflection regarding any aspect of your professional career, and it is time to evaluate where you have been, where you are, and where you are going.

Are your investments working for you and adequate for the future? Are your savings under control? Is your career where you want it to be and should you be planning for a change? This is a time of clarity and thoughtfulness, so be diligent in your approach to making long-term changes.

It sounds like a time for the negative, but solving underlying problems is always a good thing, and you will be able to clearly see some issues that need to be resolved for the future.

Mercury turns retrograde in Taurus on April 9th, and after a few other moves, turns direct back into Aries on May 3rd. This is going to shine the light directly on your finances. If there is an expense that is getting out of control, it could come to light and need to be dealt with during this time.

You possess a strong need for self-expression, and when positive you can radiate the joy of life. Often, you can become oversensitive to criticism from others and feel misunderstood. It is wise for you to avoid being too bossy in close associations. Your communication could easily get misconstrued during this time, so be careful to think before you speak. It is a little bump in the road in time, but starting in early May, things will get much better.

You are happiest when socializing with people who get you thinking or with whom you share some type of intellectual or creative activity. Warm and creative, you possess a social grace and feel at ease in your interactions with others.

On April 11 there is a full moon in Libra, and again it will be an illumination of how you deal, or how someone close to you deals with money. It sounds like a time for the negative, but solving underlying problems is always a good thing, and you will be able to clearly see some issues that need to be resolved for the future.

Now for better news… on the 15th Venus turns direct into your sign, and conflict or stagnation with your creative and romantic side are over! Between now and the 28th you are an absolute romantically passionate and creatively dynamic force- the strongest you will experience all year.

Creative ideas will flow from you like air, and you will feel romantic urges overflowing. Don’t fight it, embrace it. In serious relationships, you are romantic, idealistic and loyal. You are usually attracted to those who know more than you do.

You have a warm heart and you are very popular and know how to enjoy yourself and keep people entertained. Since natural enthusiasm is one of your prime assets, the catch is that you need to genuinely believe in an idea in order to throw yourself into a project and get results.

Rekindle that romance, or be open to new romantic experiences. Start an artistic project. Creativity can be experienced in all aspects of life and you will see the artistic side of life everywhere.

A new moon in Taurus on April 26th will mean you will experience a surge in your communication skills. You have a strong need for self-expression. It is time to build up your networks on social media, re-engage with old friends, and strengthen your existing friendships. You will be more expressive in your love life as well.

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