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Opportunities Arise!

The two eclipses that occur in February will cause a little trouble with your work life. This is nothing for concern, just be prepared for some agitations related to coworkers, clients, etc. that will come to the surface. These eclipses can cause a sudden dramatic issue with your daily work life, but consider them a release of a problem that has been brimming at the surface. It is a cleansing, and once you work through the drama, you will be much better off and feel better about your work.

This is a phenomenal time for new opportunities across the board – with work, with family, with friends, and with romance.

Venus enters Aires on February 3, in the area of your life dealing with finances. It will stay there for quite some time as next month Venus turns retro in Aires and then back into Pisces, and then turns direct in Pisces on April 15. This is a time for making more money, particularly when Venus is in direct motion in Aries. You will experience a self motivation you haven’t in a long time and your innovative ideas can start to become realities. If you find a person that shares your ideals, you could find a romantic partner during this time.

Jupiter has been in Libra for a long time for you and will until October 10. You might have noticed that people think you have become more wise, or at least more introverted. This is a good thing. You are turning inward during this time, and it is temporary, but it can be a time of amazing spiritual growth. Do you have some books you have been meaning to read on religion, spirituality, or mysticism? This is a great time for that as your focus is on the larger things in the universe, and becoming more in tune with the good and the spiritual.

Mercury enters Aquarius on February 7, and moves through it until February 25, when it enters your sign. This is a time of absolute quiet, where you will be able to shine best when left alone. You will have a clarity of thought while being alone more so during this time than in a long time, so make sure to make the most of it. This will last up until March 13, so consider it a window of time for really getting to know yourself.

February 26, brings the solar eclipse and a double New Moon. This is a phenomenal time for new opportunities across the board – with work, with family, with friends, and with romance. Neptune is close and these new opportunities could overlap your spiritual and idealistic side.

If you were born under the Pisces sign, you tend to be less rational and more emotional. When you tend to act “hot-headed,” you are likely to make rash decisions. Emotions do not last, so take the time to cool down. In truth, there is nothing wrong with emotions and how they influence your thoughts.  People act irrational sometimes, as it’s part of being human.

But we don’t know what someone else is going through, so we need to treat every single human being with kindness. It’s important to live our lives without hate, and the feelings of others should be a priority because we never know when our actions could change a life. A small act of kindness, like a smile or a note of encouragement, could make all the difference in a person’s life.

Someone is going to be hurtful towards you and you will feel angry. Don’t respond until the feeling of anger has less of a grip on you. Do you owe them an apology? If so, accept responsibility for your actions. Were they just plain wrong? Remember, you can’t control the other person’s actions. You can only control how you behave. The world gives you what you give to it. So wish them well and then SMILE, for you are amazing.



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