Pisces Horoscope – January, 2017



You are the Great Communicator in January!

Take a deep breath and relax.  The start of the year is going to begin with some disorder.  Relax, it is only going to last until the 8th. Mercury retrograde will open the door for chaos, and that is the culprit for the start of the year problems. Make sure that you prepare properly- don’t start any new projects at work or at home, and make sure to dot your t’s and dot your i’s with all of your communications.  When you use social media or text, make sure everything you send out is clear and positive.  This is a time where people will misinterpret communications.  But don’t fret, this will pass soon, and after the 8th you can start your year in earnest!

On the 12th, Mercury re-enters Capricorn and things will be getting back to normal until at least February 7th. During this period, you will be “on” with your communication.  Business and personal socializing will be at a peak, and you will be on your game.  Take advantage of this time of pronounced clarity as you deal with people on starting new projects, and even perhaps a new relationship.  New friendships and renewed family ties will be built during this time, and you will see muddled issues with people become more focused.

During the time between January 3rd and February 3rd, there will be intense opportunities for creative endeavors and romance. Take advantage, it is the best time for these aspects of your life all year. Venus is moving through your sign and you have a window of opportunity to find a new love, or start on a life changing project. This could be a time of incredible joy and exuberance or a time of missed opportunity.  You will determine how the rest of your year is going to unravel during this month.

“Take advantage of this time of pronounced clarity as you deal with people on starting new projects, and even perhaps a new relationship.”

The 12th offers a full moon in Cancer, and your instincts are particularly sharp.  Spend some time reviewing work and family projects and make the tough decisions that you have been putting off for some time.

The 28th of January has a new moon in Aquarius and Mars enters Aries. This is a day where your are perfectly set up to be the genius behind the scene of some event or activity. You are not the person of focus, but will be the force that gets things done.

You have a good mind for financial decisions.  If you haven’t started a savings plan or a stock portfolio, it couldn’t be a better time.   Don’t risk more than you can afford, but do something.  Have faith in your ability to understand how to have your money work for you.



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